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Each THF comes with an annual VPN subscription ($91.25).  Shipping is free.  The hardware costs are $35 for the Yi Sun-shin, $40 for the Boudica,  and $63.99 for the Kadesh.   Please note that for your safety we never see your credit card number. You will be emailed a tracking number on the day the unit ships.  The Boudica does not have a wired Ethernet port, it is wireless only to both the client (you) and the access point providing Internet access.

The  Kadesh  $63.99

The Kadesh $63.99

The  Boudica  $40

The Boudica $40

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$8 Hardware Firewall! 

The  Yi Sun-shin  $8
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The Kadesh - Boudica bundle

The Kadesh - Boudica bundle

Boudica Yi Sun-shin bundle

Boudica Yi Sun-shin bundle



Due to US Law and the strong encryption in the device we can only ship the THF in the US and to APO/FPO addresses.