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About Us

The Tiny Hardware Firewall (THF) is a HotSpotVPN product.  HotSpotVPN is owned and operated by WiFiConsulting, inc. EST 2001.

The Tiny Hardware Firewall was created to ease the provisioning of enterprise class security to anyone who can carry an extra 50 grams of plastic around with them.

HotSpotVPN was created to enable wireless to flourish without fear of privacy invasion. The idea occurred in 1998 after witnessing a live hack and sniff of an Internet chat, one where two people were terminating their relationship with an entertainingly vituperative zeal.  In that I had to use that same wireless network for the next few hours I made sure to start my VPN first and  thought “Wouldn't it be great if everybody had one?”

About WiFiConsulting, Inc.

WiFiConsulting, Inc. provides 802.11 consulting services to corporate and government agencies. Our focus is wireless security and wireless ISP's (WISPs). We are based in Washington, DC and have ourselves been wireless since 1996.